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ADEPT - collaborative project draws to a successful close

Connect no. 168


The TSB collaborative project Advanced Design Partitioning and Test for System in Package electronics (ADEPT-SiP) has now come to a close. Partners within the project were:

  • TWI: lead partner, assembly, reliability, environmental research
  • Filtronic Broadband: RF communications end-user
  • Zarlink Semiconductor: medical modules end-user
  • Zuken: design flow, partitioning, supply chain management
  • AWR: RF design flow, Process Design Kits (PDKs)
  • Leeds University: RF simulation, models, PDKs
  • Mentor Graphics: thermal design
  • QuantumCAD: design rules, layout
  • Wurth Elektronik: process architectures, manufacture

The partners formed a complete supply chain for production of a SiP module.

The objective of the ADEPT-SiP project was to develop and demonstrate a rigorous, right-first-time design and supply chain management methodology for novel SiP electronics. The ADEPT-SiP module architecture involved a high density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit board with integrated passive components.

One face of the HDI substrate was allocated for RF functions and the other for digital functions. Active devices were mounted by wire bonding or flip chip bonding on both the upper and lower faces of the module substrate.

A design kit has been successfully produced that can select which passives to integrate according to cost and other priorities. Models have been integrated into the design kit, to show RF performance of the passive components and interconnect. Resistors, capacitors and inductors have been successfully printed onto a HDI substrate and achieved close to design values. Thermal cycling, humidity testing and highly accelerated stress testing has been used to test the reliability of the embedded passives.

Demonstration medical and RF modules were produced, showing promising results for commercial products.

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