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TWI member companies have free access to MI-21 consumables database

Connect, no. 164, January/February 2010, p.8

The MI-21 database of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and welding, brazing, soldering, spraying and surfacing consumables was launched in July 2008.

The aim of the database is to save industry time and money in finding accurate data and sourcing products.

Current products and standard grades are supported by around 60 years' of archive information. This unique combination allows users to identify old standard grades and products used to build structures which now need repair and maintenance, then to find companies making comparable products today. Some of the most fascinating projects for which the information has been used include the rebuilding of historically important aircraft and steam engines.

Details of source documents are given, plus suppliers, with merger and acquisition information for consumable manufacturers included where known.

At present MI-21 contains almost 50,000 datasheets. Due to the size of the original databanks, TWI and World Metals Index (WMI) have prioritised by inputting the most popular products and standard grades, and are continuing to add items, particularly in response to enquiries and the publication of new standards.

The data is searchable by:

  • trade name,
  • standard grade/classification,
  • chemical composition,
  • mechanical and physical properties,
  • form,
  • workability (MI-21 Metals),
  • country of origin,
  • keywords and free text.

Where appropriate, each product links to its source document, supplier and comparable standard grade(s). Datasheets not only link to the source standard, but to products conforming to that grade, allowing the selection of alternative products. A reporting function can compare products/grades by individual elements and/or other properties, either as a table or as an X-Y chart.

Ten percent of the estimated 500,000 products/grades held by TWI and WMI have now been digitised. Subscribing to MI-21 gives access to both online data, and to non-digitised records via the Support Service; help in searching the database is also provided.

TWI Industrial Members can access the MI-21 database free via the Information Services page.

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