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Thomas Swan to launch TWI's advanced abrasion resistant additives

Connect, no. 158, January/February 2009


A new partnership has been announced to accelerate the introduction of affordable silsesquioxane resins that enhance the performance of coatings, adhesives and bulk polymers.

Thomas Swan & Co Ltd has partnered with TWI to commercialise their patented Vitolane® technology - a novel, affordable manufacturing route for silsesquioxanes which allows a high level of functionalversatility.

Silsesquioxanes have a ceramic (silicon-oxygen) backbone with organic groups attached and aim to combine the benefits of polymers and ceramics in their performance and flexibility.

These organic-inorganic resins can be tailored to offer a range of functions to coatings, adhesives and bulk polymers such as improved abrasion resistance, increased resistance to heat and solvents and better barrier properties.

The technology is being actively investigated for a range of industrial applications such as durable coatings for white goods and consumer electronics, hard optically-clear coatings for DVDs and CDs, flexible packaging and novellow-viscosity adhesives.

'TWI has break-through technology to make the key performance benefits of silsesquioxanes much more accessible to industry' says Russell Clarke of Thomas Swan. 'Our partnership with TWI will create a secure manufacturing base to produce and supply these materials and so accelerate their adoption across a wide range of applications.'

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