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TWI software launch in Las Vegas

Connect, no.156, September/October 2008, p.3



TWI Software is launching a brand new product at the FABTECH International and AWS Welding Show at the Las Vegas Conference Centre in October 2008.

The Welding Coordinator software is designed to manage production welding projects in the power, oil and gas and construction industries. The software generates reports on progress, completion, welder performance and many more. TWI has completely redesigned and rewritten this software which uses a SQL-Server database making it suitable for the 'enterprise' type solution used by larger companies.

Welding Coordinator integrates with the Weldspec and Welderqual software for managing welding procedures and welder qualifications. The systems can automatically select qualified procedures and welders and update welder continuity logs on the basis of successful production welds. In Las Vegas, TWI will be demonstrating all the welding software products, as well as other engineering, RBI and multimedia training software.

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