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Release of updated CRACKWISE software

Connect, no. 154, May/June 2008, p.8


CRACKWISE® version 4.0 was released to coincide with the publication of BS7910:2005, and has since been maintained so that it is fully compliant with the amendment published in 2007.

TWI is now pleased to announce the release of version 4.1 of the software, which is freely available to all registered users. Several enhancements have been made, one relating to changes in the underlying procedure and the rest to improvements in the functionality of the software.

  • A pdf copy of the amended version of the underlying procedure, BS7910:2005, is included in the software. Amendment 1 (dated 2007) replaces the original procedure (dated 2005) and consists of the full procedure with tag marks to show where corrections have been made. All such corrections have already been implemented in the software, so the pdf document is for information only.
  • Many of the sketches showing flaw geometry have been re-drawn in three dimensions. The original 2D sketches have been retained so that users can more easily visualise both the actual component and its idealisation in two dimensions.
  • Users will now automatically receive an alert (via the opening page) if they are using an out-of-date copy of the software, ie if a newer version is available on the TWI software website. This will save users from having to check the website regularly and will be particularly useful for companies with multiple users, in which the responsibility for downloading the software may lie with a single user. E-mail alerts will continue to be issued to the main contact in each user organisation.
  • The calculation of K-solutions for flaws in flat plates has been greatly enhanced by the incorporation of weight function methods. Users can now describe the stress distribution through the thickness of the plate using a polynomial function rather than a combination of bending and membrane stresses. This allows a much more accurate calculation of both primary and secondary values of stress intensity, KIp and KIs.

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