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New laser technology enables design

Connect, no. 154, May/June 2008, p.2


TWI is developing a demonstrator for TWI's atrium, specially designed to highlight the benefits and potential of laser welding of textile materials for the manufacture of garments and inflatable structures.

The project, lead by designer Jo Lewis, has been exploring the three dimensional aspects of designs of garments made possible using laser processing in two dimensions. This has already created much interest and has found applications including the successful design and fabrication of waterproof garments.

Due to be completed in August 2008, the demonstrator will join other exhibits in the atrium including friction stir welded aircraft wings and other samples of joining technologies used by industry.

Member companies which would like to participate in this unique project by perhaps having an input into the final design or by donating some material should contact Jo Lewis on +44 (0)1223 899000.

Images from the 'Altex' European Collaborative Project
Images from the 'Altex' European Collaborative Project

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