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New coating facility in the North East

Connect, no. 154, May/June 2008, p.6

New coating facility in the North East

TWI has installed a new wet coating process line at its Middlesbrough facility as part of the new REMTEC development. The line is designed to a high specification and incorporates cleaning (ultrasonic and dump-rinse to 18MO purity)and coating (spin, dip and spray) facilities. Also included are a range of ovens for film drying and curing up to 400°C and radiation curing equipment.

The equipment has been selected to produce high quality films. The work stations operate under laminar air flow conditions to ensure that high integrity films are produced and air, water and light conditions may be controlled to ensure that high performance coatings are deposited (yellow light can be used if required for photo-sensitive materials).

The line has been designed to enhance TWI's facilities in sol-gel coating, particularly in support of anti-fouling coatings for wind turbine blades and easy-clean coatings for solar panels. The equipment has, however, been selected to be flexible and is suitable for depositing a wide range of organic and inorganic coatings to enhance performance suitable for many applications, including protection against corrosion or abrasion, anti-fouling coatings, decorative coatings and for electronic functionality, including photo resists and dielectric layers.

The line is available to Members who may wish to trial particular coatings on their components under controlled conditions.

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