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High pressure hydrogen test facility nears completion

Connect, no. 155, July/August 2008, p.7


TWI is building a unique test facility to allow a comprehensive range of mechanical tests to be performed in hydrogen gas at 1000bar pressure. Whilst TWI's current facility is capable of simple tensile and axial fatigue tests at450bar and 20 - 100°C, the new facility is capable of performing more sophisticated tests, including fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth rate tests from -150 to +150°C, in addition to withstanding the increased pressure.

Once commissioning is complete, TWI will be undertaking testing as part of a project involving major automotive manufacturers in their search for the optimum material selection for fuel tanks and other components on hydrogen powered cars.

Working with TWI, manufacturers will have the opportunity to carry out research and development work in a facility that is unique within Europe.

For more information about the facility and TWI's work in this field, please contact us.

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