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Contact angle and surface energy measuring system

Connect, no. 155, July/August 2008, p.8

Optical contact angle measurement system, DSA 100
Optical contact angle measurement system, DSA 100

TWI now has a state-of-the-art contact angle and surface energy measurement system in its extensive range of analytical and testing equipment.

Its functions include:

Applications of contact angle and surface free energy analysis include:

  • Detection and characterisation of surface treatments and their effects
  • Characterisation of new surfaces
  • Investigation of adhesion properties
  • Testing of surface purity
  • Quality control for coatings and platings
  • Measurement of cleaning behaviour of surfactant solutions
  • Characterisation of printability of surfaces
  • Determination of wetting characteristics of plastics, glass, metals, solders, platings and electronic components leads

Software capabilities:

Contact angle

  • Determination of wetting behaviour at any point on a solid surface by the sessile drop method. Various other methods are also available for optical measurement of dynamic and static contact angle, as well as for drop shape fitting.

Surface free energy

  • Determination of surface free energy by measuring the contact angle using different liquids. Many models are available. The 'Wetting Envelope' option will calculate the polar and dispersive components that a liquid must have in order to wet a particular solid completely. These components are shown as a graph.

Pendant drop

  • Suitable for interfacial and surface tension measurements on pendant or ascending drops.

TWI's practical, hands-on experience of adhesion and adhesive bonding in industry over the past thirty years is probably second-to-none. We've worked in virtually every sector, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, power generation, marine, medical, mining and the oil and gas industries.

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