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Upgraded software now available

Connect, no. 150, September/October 2007, p.6


TWI's risk-based inspection (RBI) software RISKWISE for Boilers TM has been substantially upgraded for power plant boiler or heat recovery steam generator operators.

Version 4.1 now includes several new practical features to improve the scope, consistency and user-friendliness as well as the efficiency of the RBI implementation process. The main new features are as follows:

  • Damage mechanisms are automatically output for each equipment item
  • New input fields in the Inspection Methods and Damage Mechanism screens automatically determine the Inspection Effectiveness for each damage mechanism
  • Likelihood or probability factors as well as safety and availability consequences are now arrived at in a fully automated manner on the Risk Factors screen (with the option for user intervention as required)
  • A creep life module including corrosion where appropriate is fully integrated to enable automatic calculation of the failure probability or likelihood sequence and hence the remaining life indicator (RLI)
  • A thermal fatigue life module has been added to enable the failure risks and RLI to be automatically output for components subject to cyclic life expenditure
  • Probabilities and economic consequences of failure can now be output quantitatively in terms of failure rates and $ values or megawatt/hrs lost respectively
  • For benchmarking purposes, the software now incorporates database software giving failure rates and megawatt/hrs lost for equipment items covering a population of over 1000 boilers. This uses the North American Reliability Corporation - Generation Availability Data System (NERC-GADS)
  • Optional modules are now available to facilitate interface protocols with plant systems (SAP, Maximo, etc)
  • An optional module is available to allow on-line input and analysis of transient operational data thereby enabling focused inspection and maintenance planning during operation, particularly in respect of unforeseen operational upsets (up-shocks or down-shocks).

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