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Novel pre-polymer gives superb abrasion resistance

Connect, no. 147, March/April 2007, p.6

Novel pre-polymer gives superb abrasion resistance

Scientists at TWI, Cambridge, UK, have developed a novel silsesquioxane based pre-polymer that enables exceptional abrasion resistance to be achieved in a variety of end use applications. The patented pre-polymer has a unique ladder structure of repeat units based on tri- and tetra-functional silanes, which enable it to bond chemically into an organic polymer network.

This approach has generated a revolutionary capability to fabricate pre-polymers with both ceramic and organic features and structures. These pre-polymers can be readily incorporated into conventional formulations to yield properties similar to those of a ceramic, with increased modulus and hardness, and in particular superior abrasion resistance and adhesion properties. The material has demonstrated a Taber test haze result of 3%, comparative to atypical value of 50% for polycarbonate, or a typical value of 10% for a hardcoat.

The pre-polymer can be used to enhance the end properties of a variety of end applications such as coatings, adhesives, primers or bulk materials.

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