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Technology Fellows 2007

Connect, no. 149, July/August 2007, p.3

Peter Mudge
Peter Mudge

The role of Technology Fellow was created earlier this year as the pinnacle of TWI's technical career path. TWI is now pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Pargeter and peter Mudge as Technology Fellows with effect from 1August 2007.

In making the appointments of Richard and Peter, the selection panel (composed of both internal and external assessors) took into account their technical career track record; their technical reputation, both nationally and internationally; and their commitment to the development and coaching of colleagues working in similar fields.



Richard Pargeter
Richard Pargeter

More specifically, Richard has made significant contributions to the understanding of the metallurgy and corrosion behaviour of, and the effects of hydrogen on, welds between ferrous material. Peter has pioneered TWI's long-range ultrasonic test technique development which is one of the few radical innovations in the last 20 years or so to influence significantly the non-destructive testing industry.

Many congratulations to Richard and Peter. We wish them ongoing success within their new roles.

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