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Friends and rivals

Connect, no. 146, January/February 2007, p.6

Kevin and Stuart reviewing plate assembly
Kevin and Stuart reviewing plate assembly

Two young apprentices from Doosanbabock Tipton (formerly Mitsui Babcock) are being trained for final selection by UKSkills to compete in the Worldskills competition in Japan November 2007.

Stuart Wheatley and Daniel Greer have worked together during their apprenticeship and are firm friends so their rivalry is light-hearted. There will be only one welding competitor in the UKSkills Team, but both contenders are delighted to have got as far as they have. They competed in the SkillWELD competition finals at TWI in April last year and were nominated by SkillWELD for UKSkills Team selection.

Stuart and Daniel are currently attending full time training at Doosanbabock Tipton (formerly Mitsui Babcock) under Kevin Jones; they also spent a week at TWI in December 2006. Training has included the use of the MMA, MAG, FCAW and the TIG welding process across a range of applications giving the contenders the opportunity to try different techniques and enhance their skills.

They will be competing in a three day competition arranged by UKSkills at Coventry College late February and the winner will be considered for team selection to represent the UK in the 2007 WorldSkills competition in Japan. The winner will undergo full time training leading up to the WorldSkills competition, and will be given the opportunity to compete in an open welding competition in Eire March and possibly the USA in June 2007.

Colin Eileens, the Programme Manager-Welder Training at TWI, and Welding Expert for UKSkills who is responsible for competitor preparation and training, said both contenders are gifted and extremely enthusiastic and are looking forward to the challenge of the forthcoming competition.

We all wish them the best of luck!

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