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Teletest Focus takes off

Connect, no. 144, September - October 2006, p.3

Teletest Focus takes off

New software, new hardware and an all-in-one pulse receiver unit distinguish Teletest's latest long range ultrasonic pipe inspection system from its predecessors.

The Teletest Focus is the first commercial product to provide all the benefits of conventional guided wave screening technology, with the added feature of focusing the sound energy to a specific region of the pipe.

It is now possible to measure the distribution of corrosion around the pipe's circumference at a specific distance. This is especially valuable for inaccessible pipe work and allows the end-user to make a more informed decisionabout further action.

No aspect of the new Teletest Focus is without radical redesign.


The software has been designed with the operator in mind. This user-friendly tool will guide the operator through the set-up and perform most of the functions automatically without the need for user input. In addition, to focus on a specific feature is just one click away. Particular attention has been paid to the Report Manager, assisting the operator in quickly providing high quality reports for the client.

Teletest Unit

The new unit has incorporated feedback received from existing Teletest operators. The computer-controlled unit is battery operated with an integrated pump for collar inflation. The device contains GPS location and is simple to connect. The permanently wired-in eight segment unit has the capability of focusing without the need for reconfiguration.


This radical design combines the latest carbon-kevlar composite material and latch design to provide a one-piece tool with integral bladder that is lightweight and easy to use. The use of the latest CAD design software has allowed improved coupling between the transducers and the pipe, maximising the amplitude of the signal. The collars facilitate Multimode TM modules providing both torsional and longitudinal wavemodes providing the operator with versatile equipment to make more informed judgements.

In addition, collar sizes of 4-24" provide the user with the ability of testing 4-48" pipe sizes by simply linking the collars together.

  • Low cost screening with 100% coverage
  • Focusing capability to evaluate corrosion distribution around the pipe's circumference
  • Typical test range 30m in each direction from a single location, ideal conditions can achieve 350m in total
  • Testing of pipes up to 48" diameter
  • Proven capability on pipe in service up to 125°C
  • Reliable detection of 9% metal loss flaws
  • Ideal where conventional testing is impossible or very costly eg clamped, insulated, elevated or sleeved pipes

The ideal applications for the new Teletest Focus are:

Pipe types

  • Seamless
  • Longitudinally and spiral welded

Pipe materials

  • Ferritic and stainless steels
  • Most other metals

Pipe situations

  • Air-to-soil interface
  • Air-to-water interface
  • Elevated on racks
  • Sleeved in road crossings
  • Wall, bund or berm penetrations

Flaws found

  • External corrosion
  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Internal corrosion or erosion
  • Environmental cracking

Pipe coatings etc.

  • Foam or mineral wool
  • PVC, epoxy, coal tar epoxy
  • Paint
  • Bitumastic wrapping

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