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Mini-tool launch shakes LRUT market

Connect, no. 142, May/June 2006, p.6

Mini-tool launch shakes LRUT market

A revolutionary long range ultrasonic testing tool, capable of performing on small diameter pipework in cramped locations, has just been released by the TWI subsidiary, Plant Integrity.

Dubbed the Mini-Test its radical design combines the latest light-weight engineering materials with quick-release latch design to provide a tool that is lightweight, easy to use and requires only 42mm clearance between the pipes.

Use of the latest CAD design software has allowed improved coupling between the transducers and the pipe, maximising the amplitude of the signal. Unlike its larger predecessors the device's transducers are now retractable, extending their lifetime.

The tool is available now for pipe diameters of 1.5" to 5" and supersedes the heavy fixed tools. The body of the tool is made from carbon-Kevlar composite with an integral polyurethane bladder. Its capable of performing at temperatures between -30 and +90°C.

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