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News in Brief - January/February 2006

Connect, no. 140, January - February 2006, p.7

Coming soon from TWI software

Early in 2006, TWI Software will launch Welding Estimator a software tool to cost weld, welding procedures and processes quickly and accurately. It is easy for the user to determine the most cost-effective procedures by allowing side-by-side comparison of multiple costings. The system will calculate cost factors and consumable requirements showing the results in easy-to-read graphical reports. For more information, contact

Conference on Weld Integrity: Corrosion, Inspection and Assessment - 2nd call for papers

Manchester Conference Centre, University of Manchester 4-5 April 2006

The conference will consist of presentations from key speakers and aims to bring together engineers from all industries to compare experience and engineering practice. Conference themes will cover corrosion issues associated with weldments, influences and restrictions on fabrication, impact of environment on defect development, defect identification and sizing and assessment of safe operation. There will also be a workshop held the evening before the conference, 3 April 2006. For more details on submission of papers, please contact Dr James Marrow, School of Materials, The University of Manchester, Grosvenor Street, Manchester M1 7HS. E-mail:

Friction stir spot welding of high strength steels

TWI is launching a Group Sponsored Project to develop friction stir spot welding for high strength sheet steels for automotive, rail and other industries. This process shows considerable promise but further work is needed to optimise the process and to allow potential users to assess the benefits. The project will cover tool material selection, tool design, process parameters, weld properties etc and will also consider welding coated steels and welding through sealants. Six Industrial Member companies, each contributing £20 000 a year for two years are sought to fund this work. More details may be obtained from Philip Threadgill. E-mail:

Joining Plastics 2006

2nd International Conference, National Physical Laboratory, London 25-26 April 2006

Manufacturing with plastics often involves a bonding step from packaging, electronic and medical devices to large scale automotive, aerospace and construction projects. This is a continually developing field and the experts at the Second International Conference on Joining Plastics will be debating the best methods and options for different applications.

This is an excellent opportunity for plastics manufacturers, design engineers and product developers to talk to experts in the field and discuss the latest developments in Joining Plastics.

FEA aids design of climbers' snow safety device

For more details on the finite element analysis carried out in the above project and reported in the November/December 2005 issue of Connect, please contact Philippe Bastid. E-mail:

For more information please email: