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New kit... new partnerships

Connect, no. 136, May - June 2005, p.2

New partnerships

A classic recipe has evolved that enables TWI's clients to solve its toughest manufacturing and service headaches using tomorrow's forensic methods.

Major investment has been made in TWI's SEM suite at the same time as the formation of two crucial new partnerships devised to produce seamless, fast turnaround forensic microanalysis. The new capabilities enable the complete characterisation of materials and failures, from the macroscopic to the nano-scale. Together with TWI's engineering expertise in all industrial sectors, complete solutions can be offered to overcome the most complex of failures and production problems.

The new SEM suite comprises:

  • A Jeol 8600 microprobe equipped with five spectrometers and the latest in Thermo microprobe chemical analysis instrumentation
  • A Zeiss 1455EP environmental SEM with EDAX chemical analysis.
  • A Zeiss 1550 thermal field emission SEM with EDAX chemical analysis and electron back-scattered diffraction

Simultaneously TWI has teamed up with CSMA Ltd and the York Jeol Centre for Nanolithography and Analysis making it able to offer several new and advanced analytical techniques. CSMA provide secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS),time-of-flight SIMS and X-ray photospectrometry (XPS or ESCA) and laser profilometry services.

Complementing this, the York Jeol Centre will provide dual beam microscopy, energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy.

It is with these upgraded capabilities, backed by a highly competitive costing structure and more than half a century of specialist analytical experience, that TWI invites enquiries worldwide.

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