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Upgraded P-scan ultrasonic equipment

Connect, no. 135, March/April 2005, p.8

Fig.1. Automated inspection of LPG storage spheres Copyright M Kirby
Fig.1. Automated inspection of LPG storage spheres Copyright M Kirby

TWI is well known for its use of the P-scan ultrasonic equipment, manufactured by Force Technology in Denmark. Since 1981, TWI has used a number of versions of P-scan on a wide range of core research and consultancy projects.

In February 2005, TWI took delivery of the latest high-end P-scan system 4+ ultrasonic system. This acquisition allows new inspection capabilities that were not possible with the earlier systems, such as simultaneous recording of P-scan (weld inspection), T-scan (corrosion mapping) and TOFD (time of flight diffraction) data during scanning. In addition, the system 4+ is eddy current ready, giving it the potential to record multi-channel eddy current and ultrasonic data simultaneously.


Fig.2. P-Scan system 4
Fig.2. P-Scan system 4

The P-scan system 4+ can be used with a wide range of scanners manufactured by Force Technology and other suppliers. TWI has a range of versatile scanners that are able to cope with most inspection tasks. For example, from scanners that allow the probe to be manipulated to perform an encoded manual scan, to a multi-probe capable, fully motorised steerable scanner. The system features eight full ultrasonic channels, the ability to encode probe skew angle as well as position and an amplifier that offers a dynamic range of up to 120dB.

This highly specified inspection system is now available to Industrial Member companies to help solve inspection problems both at TWI and in the field.

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