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Spot on welding

Connect, no. 137, July/August 2005, p.3

Spot on welding

Resistance welding processes, particularly spot and projection welding, form the mainstay of sheet metal joining, with about a billion spot welds produced annually in the European automotive industry alone.

An understanding of how the process works and the effects of material, equipment and process factors on weld quality are essential to successful operation. This knowledge is often lacking or inconsistent, and not always passed on well when experienced staff leave.

TWI provides a training course in resistance welding that combines theory with practical welding trials. The practical work provides an opportunity to 'play' with welding parameters in a structured manner, and see the effect on weld quality. The theory is supported with pictures, video and real samples to demonstrate the various aspects covered.

The majority of courses are run as two-day specials for specific companies, either at TWI or on-site. The courses are tailored to the requirements of the customer and the products manufactured. Although most of the courses concentrate on sheet steel welding, some courses have dealt specifically with welding aerospace materials, electrical connections or miniature applications.

To meet the requirements of the British Standard/Euronorm (BS EN 1418) covering the approval testing of resistance welding setters, the appropriate on-site assessment can be added to the standard course, if required.

A standard course is also provided twice a year in the TWI's training school programme and courses can also be combined with other processes. Training can also be provided in the allied processes such as flash welding and high-frequency tube welding.

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