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News in brief - Construction - beyond the horizon

Connect, no. 134, January/February 2005, p.7

Construction - beyond the horizon

The 8th National Conference of the Welding & Joining Society will be held in Great Abington on 15-16 March 2005. The title is Construction - beyond the horizon and the event will cover developments in materials, design, welding and related technology which can increase efficiency and lower costs.

A team of experts in the field will deliver an informative and challenging technical programme.

This will include presentations on a number of high profile UK construction projects and technical developments in areas such as materials, processes as well as codes and standards will all be covered.

There will be a section on problem solving and the latest methods of repair and refurbishment.

By attending this event, delegates will learn about:

  • Recent advances and their application to new construction
  • Possible technical difficulties and their solution
  • New and emerging codes and standards

Wide-ranging discussion sessions and networking opportunities are a further bonus of attending the event.

Further information and enrolment details may be obtained from Rachel Wall of the Meetings Section at TWI. E-mail:

Tax bonanza for R&D users

Are you a small firm with an R&D interest? If so tax credits could soon be heading your way.

If you've less than 250 staff, a turnover not more than £25M a year and a balance sheet no greater than £17M, you may be eligible to claim 65% of the amount you spend on contracted research. The government simply wants to encourage firms like yours to spend money on R&D.

So long as you're making a profit the tax credits reduce your profits chargeable to corporation tax. If you're not in profit you can take the relief as a repayable tax credit. And the amounts are not to be sneezed at.

You can surrender the loss attributable to research expenditure in return for a cash payment of £15.60 for every £100 spent.

The qualifying conditions and indeed the definition of R&D are complex but not particularly demanding. You may well already qualify.

Why not find out more from taxation expert, Bob Dawkins, TWI's Director of Finance and Services. E-mail:

For more information please email: