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Phyz biocompatible coating lends visibility to ultrasound images

Connect, no. 132, September/October 2004, p.6

A radical technological refinement has made it possible to 'see' devices used in ultrasound-guided procedures, such as biopsy needles and catheters.

How? generating bubbles

The patented Phyz technology is based upon an invention by Dr Anton Joseph, and comprises a smooth biocompatible polymer coating containing effervescent agents.

As soon as it is introduced into water or tissue it generates tiny bubbles. These bubbles efficiently scatter ultrasound, and consequently the needle stands out in sharp contrast on an ultrasound image.

The enhanced visibility of the needle allows far greater positional and directional information to be obtained, resulting in easier and more accurate biopsy procedures. In the same way that airborne con-trails record an aircraft's passage, when the needle is withdrawn a bubble trail remains, and allows accurate re-positioning.

It has also been demonstrated that the Phyz coating technology when applied to biopsy needles can be sterilised by gamma irradiation without any loss in reactivity.

TWI is now seeking licensees to benefit from this exciting new technology.

Phyz needle showing surface bubbles
Phyz needle showing surface bubbles
Ultrasound image of Phyz needle in isolated liver
Ultrasound image of Phyz needle in isolated liver

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