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News from Plant Integrity

Connect, no. 133, November/December 2004

A road crossing on the North Slope, Alaska
A road crossing on the North Slope, Alaska


The long range ultrasonic testing equipment, Teletest®, developed by Plant Integrity has been chosen by Formosa Petroleum for corrosion testing in their pipework. The system is the 24-channel Mark 2 Teletest unit with modular transducer collars to fit pipesizes from 2-24". New software, also designed at Plant Integrity, can focus the beam up to 30 metres down the pipe.

The order was won in the face of fierce competition due to Plant Integrity's ability to deliver the system in a very short timescale.


Two members of staff Nick Farrant and Davide Kleiner, were sent to Alaska this year for the 2004 pipeline survey.

The pipelines normally run above ground but are buried for road crossings and special 'caribou crossings'. These are an important measure to preserve wildlife in the area. Oil leakage would be an environmental disaster and the network is subject to very stringent controls.

For the fifth successive year Teletest has been used to monitor the condition of pipes at positions selected by the client, Conoco/Phillips. Working under arduous conditions, 66 crossing points were inspected over a three week period. At one point Nick and Davide had to call out the rescue team after their site truck was blown off the road during a storm.

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