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Connect, no.128 - Weldasearch reloaded

Connect, no.128, January/February 2004, p.7


Access to Weldasearch has now just improved further. Weldasearch is TWI's database covering the world's published literature on welding and allied processes from 1968.

TWI staff and members use it daily to find information on a wide range of joining-related topics, and in fact you may well use it yourself by way of the TWI web-site.

Now a new search page on the web-site will be easier to use. It will give a wider range of search options - including the chance to set up for yourself a monthly 'current awareness' alerting service, something you have had to ask us to do for you until now.

There are three ways to search, from 'simple' to 'advanced'. You can search by subject, author, and in other ways, or you can type in a word or phrase and see what Weldasearch has to offer. Then you can modify the search and run itagain, or choose the most interesting abstracts and print them off or download them to your computer.

As before, you can ask us for help with searching, and you can get photocopies from the TWI Library.

For more information, go to which will direct you to Weldasearch information on our web-site, e-mail, or call Peter Adams at TWI.

For more information please email: