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Corrosion testing for hot components in immersed environments

Connect, no. 126, September/October 2003, p.7

Unique corrosion testing facility for hot components in immersed environments

TWI has recently installed a unique test facility for investigating the corrosion behaviour of bulk materials and coatings under conditions that simulate hot components, exposed to cold flowing aequeous environments or wet sand. Such conditions are seen, for example, by immersed pipes and risers carrying hot oil.

Test pieces are mounted in a vessel such that one face is in contact with hot oil and the other exposed to flowing seawater or wet sand. The test rig is designed to allow electrochemical monitoring of the exposed surface for several months. Corrosion potential and corrosion current density can be recorded and corrosion rates determined under conditions representative of those in service.

Using this facility, TWI has recently completed a Group Sponsored Project to examine the corrosion behaviour of steel pipe coated with thermally sprayed aluminium (TSA).

The test rig enabled corrosion rates to be calculated and service life to be predicted for TSA coated steel with a surface temperature of 50 and 100°C in contact with cold flowing seawater or wet sand. The benefits of the thermal spraying process used to apply the TSA coating and the role of sealants on corrosion characteristics and life were evaluated.

This facility offers TWI Member companies the opportunity to investigate the corrosion behaviour of bulk materials, coatings and sealants under more realistic service conditions than previously possible.

For further information on this corrosion test rig or how TWI can assist in evaluating the corrosion behaviour of bulk materials and coatings, please contact Dr Suman Shrestha or Dr Chi Lee.
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