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Interfaces of Medical Devices, Electronics and Textiles

Connect, no. 126, September/October 2003, p.7

Interfaces of Medical Devices, Electronics & Photonics and Intelligent Textiles

TWI hosts both the EPPIC and Medical Devices Faraday Partnerships. They have joined forces with the TechniTex Faraday Partnership to set up a one-day networking event on 11 November 2003 at Leeds University to present some of the latest developments, with particular focus on the medical sector and to identify linkages between the three Partnership areas.

These Partnerships are initiatives set up to improve interaction between the UK science, engineering and technology base and industry.

This involves close collaboration between universities, industry and other organisations to enhance focused multidisciplinary research and development to improve UK industry competitiveness.

Recent advances in many areas of science and technology are leading to utilisation of many innovative solutions and the emergence of new medical products to improve quality of life. The formation and collaboration of Faraday Partnerships in different disciplines can accelerate the process of transforming innovative ideas into new products.

The event will include introductory presentations about these Partnerships, recent developments in medical areas and benefits to UK industry. There will also be an opportunity to meet the experts from each partnership to discuss specific technical issues and provide solutions or recommendations for problems experienced by industry.

This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about various funding schemes and support available for research and training in relevant areas. Speakers, from the different areas covered by the partnerships, with expertise in research and development have been invited to address the issue of the multidisciplinary interfaces between medical devices, electronics and photonics and intelligent textiles.

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For registration and event information, contact Susan Lacey at Leeds University.

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