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Extending ECA to sour service

Connect, no.126, September/October 2003, p.3

A successful inaugural meeting for a Joint Industry Project which aims to extend the benefits of automatic ultrasonic testing during pipe lay to sour service pipelines was held at TWI, Cambridge at the beginning of July 2003.

This project, of major importance to oil and gas producers, pipe lay contractors and pressure vessel manufacturers, has the objectives of developing an understanding of why conventional ECA (engineering critical assessments) of C-Mn pipelines operating in sour service appear to be over conservative and to define an improved approach to material testing and assessment of defects in sour service.

The benefits to be accrued from this work are improved confidence in pipelines in service and cost savings during pipe lay due to avoidance of unnecessary repairs in the order of 2-3% for large projects.

Many major global companies are planning to join this project. If you would like to become a project sponsor, please contact us.

For more information please email: