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Team building! [building with sandwich panels]

Connect, no. 127, November/December 2003, p.7

Team building!

Endegill Ltd is working closely with TWI to address the materials and joining issues that would be suitable for building a modular house of tomorrow. This includes sandwich structures such as Barrikade and extrusions and pultrusions.

Over the years there has been a growing interest in lightweight composite sandwich structures for many applications. Architects have always been creative, looking for new ideas and materials. Sandwich structures such as plywood and ply metal have been used extensively. There is a need for a fixing system that can accommodate changes in design and functionality, but also perform in difficult circumstances.

How many times have we heard questions such as:

  • Why are so many new-build houses built with faults?
  • Why does it take so long to build a traditional house?
  • Why is it so costly to build an extension to an existing house?

Well maybe in the future houses will be built in a different way than they are today.

The Endegill Building System and novel sandwich structures takes a new direction in building technology with a multi-market potential.

Endegill Cladding and curtain walling varies from the conventional. It comprises a patented top and bottom chassis member using the pultruded process so advanced composites can be used.

Panels are progressively assembled side by side, interlocking each panel along the length of the panel's edge providing a watertight and fireproof seal. In addition there is a device for fixing the panels to the superstructure from inside the building. This novel innovation allows damaged panels to be replaced or, as an afterthought, a window or door aperture to be added.

Assembled panels are interlocked top and bottom to the main structure adding structural strength with a good aesthetic appearance.

Endegill partitioning has advantages in wider markets. Assembled as above, panels can be dismantled without damage and re-assembled. Panels can be added at will allowing versatility and the ability to expand using modular creations.

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