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Interpretation of weld radiographs - a multimedia training course

Connect, no. 123, March/April 2003, p.7

Multimedia computer-based training can be much more efficient than conventional classroom- based training. The use of video, animations and a soundtrack, combined with an interactive style can make the training more interesting and enhance knowledge retention. Students can study when they please, choose their own pace and receive constant feedback charting their progress.

From a company point of view, one CD can be used to train many people, making this a very cost-effective method.

The Interpretation of Weld Radiographs training course, developed by Lloyd's Register and TWI, introduces the basic requirements for successful weld radiograph interpretation and provides examples of weld defect images as generated by radiography. It is the fourth in a series of computer-based training systems originally developed for in-house use by Lloyd's Register, but now marketed for use by other organisations. The other courses are on Welding Processes, Basic Metallurgy and Welding C-Mn Steels.

Interpretation of weld radiographs Sample of a screen from the multimedia training course
Interpretation of weld radiographs Sample of a screen from the multimedia training course

The course covers film quality, radiographic techniques and weld quality. The film quality chapter describes the checks necessary to ensure that the radiograph complies with various requirements and is suitable for assessment of the weld quality. The radiographic techniques section uses 3D animations to show how the technique employed affects the appearance of the weld image on the radiographic film. Finally, the weld quality chapter shows the possible radiographic images produced by external and internal weld defects. Examples are described using diagrams, photographs and real radiographic images.

Following the training course an interactive tutorial provides a question and answer session so the student can demonstrate how well the information in the course has been absorbed.

Finally the student can undertake a self-assessment test of ten radiographs, which gives a percentage success score and then permits review of the correct solution for each radiograph on completion of the test.

The Interpretation of Weld Radiographs CD is now available from TWI at a cost of £499 plus VAT.

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