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Back to the future - central certification for NDT personnel

Connect, no. 125, July/August 2003, p.3

With the support of British industry, TWI Ltd has reintroduced CSWIP NDT certification into the UK. First established in the early 1970s, this scheme will bring back the international element for NDT personnel certification.

Until the mid 1980s CSWIP certification was the most widely recognised NDT certification scheme in the world. The high standard of the technicians approved under the scheme placed the UK at the forefront of NDT certification and the scheme was copied worldwide.

With the establishment of PCN certification it was decided to give the new scheme a clear playing field in the UK and as a result CSWIP certificates were transferred to the new scheme. CSWIP NDT certification did not however cease to exist and continued to thrive in the rest of the world. UK operators can now benefit in similar manner from the worldwide recognition of CSWIP.

CSWIP NDT certification complies in all respects with the requirements of both EN 473 and ISO 9712. Over the past two years CSWIP EN 473 certification has been issued to customers in mainland Europe. In many cases CSWIP certification has been selected over the existing national schemes.

CSWIP certification has expanded its range from the welding sector and now covers magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and visual inspection among others. This expansion will continue until CSWIP satisfies all UK industries' existing and future requirements.

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