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Welding Co-ordinator implemented at United States nuclear plant

Connect, no. 122, January/February 2003, p.6

TWI has recently implemented its Welding Co-ordinator system at the James A Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Oswego, NY, operated by Entergy Nuclear Northeast (ENN).

The system was installed at the plant in February last year to manage welding activities related to construction and repair of plant.

ENN demanded the following requirements from the system :

  • To improve the quality of welds and related documentation by reducing human performance errors, by, for example, ensuring that welding procedures and welder certificates are managed properly and by generating QC plans automatically.
  • To save time and money by, for example, opening the welding programme to wider viewing by production personnel and QC.
  • To improve traceability of fillers and qualifications.
  • To improve tracking of job progress.
  • To improve tracking of welder performance results.
The James A Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Oswego, New York
The James A Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Oswego, New York




The implementation of the system was a challenge. As Chief Welding Engineer and system administrator Neal Chapman explains: 'I had no idea how many people needed access or how long it takes to get all their machines pointed to the right files. The project was not a high priority to the internal IT Department so my roll out schedule has been hampered.

Unfortunately none of the IT people need anything welded either!'

The system is now installed and working and Neal Chapman is starting to see some of the benefits. 'The time to prepare a welding data sheet manually for a package is about one hour. With the Welding Co-ordinator it takes about ten minutes. Since the last outage in 2000, there have been about 3000 packages'.

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