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Software aids the welding industry

Connect, no. 120, September/October 2002, p.6

Software aids the welding industry

There is a vast amount of metal fabrication knowledge that needs to be made available to the welding community, but it is often very difficult to retrieve. Frequently this information is either confidential, very difficult to access or exists only in an expert's head.

Where the knowledge resides with a human expert, the information is only accessible once one has been identified. However, you could still not be sure that the answer to any given question would be the same as that from another 'expert'. A further complication occurs when the expert retires or leaves their current employment. This knowledge could easily be lost by the company, requiring time, effort and money to replace.

To help address this problem, Air Products and TWI have developed a range of PC based gas-related metal fabrication programs that allow easy access either locally or via the internet, to some of this commonly sought after information.

  • Welding Gas Selector recommends the most cost-effective shielding gas for a specific MIG/MAG, TIG or Plasma welding applications.
  • Cutting Gas Selector recommends the most economical cutting gas for the Oxy-fuel, Plasma or Laser applications.
  • Thermal Spraying Gas Selector identifies the most economical thermal spraying process and coating.
  • Welding Fault Finder helps the user identify the cause and prevention of a specific weld defect.
  • The Focus on Fume web site provides expert information on the harmful particulate fume and gases that are generated by welding and cutting.

This software has enabled instant access to the combined knowledge of a number of welding experts, hence overcoming many of the highlighted problems.

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