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Belgian refinery benefits from RISKWISE

Connect, no. 121, November/December 2002, p.6

Distribution of RISKWISE TM Remaining Life Indicator (RLI)
Distribution of RISKWISE TM Remaining Life Indicator (RLI)

TWI has completed a major RISKWISE TM RBI assessment project for a TotalFinaElf refinery in Belgium. The assessment was undertaken on a 52 000 barrels per day Platformer and Continuous Catalytic Regeneration Unit. The unit is the largest CCR in the world. TWI's RISKWISE TM RBI inspection planning software was used to demonstrate the benefits of RBI for the management of pressure equipment.

Two TWI RBI engineers went to Belgium to help produce inspection plans. The equipment was subjected to a RISKWISE TM 'Focus/Defocus' session to optimize inspection plans for equipment with a low Risk of Failure (RoF), and to propose remedial actions for any equipment with a high RoF.

The RISKWISE TM risk model converts failure likelihood to an estimated remaining life indicator (RLI) which is the only sound basis for deriving a safe inspection interval.

The findings showed that an incremental increase in runlength (major inspection interval) was feasible for approximately 65% of the pressure equipment on the unit. The RBI project indicated how savings in operating cost (inspection and maintenance) could be made, if major inspections were deferred until 2008.

The proposals considered the constraints imposed by the need for major operations turnarounds, the recommendations of the process licensor and the Belgian safety regulating authority.

The findings of the study confirmed the plant's general concerns about the potential for corrosion under insulation (CUI). Several key recommendations were also made by TWI following the pilot project, with a view to ensuring successful implementation of RBI across the rest of the refinery.

RISKWISE TM assessment software is now available for process plant, pipeline and boilers, and a version for storage tanks is under development.

For information on how RISKWISE TM may be applied to optimise plant maintenance and inspection plans, please contact TWI. E-mail:

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