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Barrikade holds fire!

Connect, no. 121, November/December 2002, p.7

A practical demonstration of the fire-resistant properties of Barrikade �
A practical demonstration of the fire-resistant properties of Barrikade®

Barrikade® products have many building industry applications, but a major one for which the market already appears very receptive is fire doors (custom-made and standard).

A review has been carried out covering the current and future predicted trends in fire door curtain walling and wall insulation in the UK. Estimates of UK fire doors are 500 000 per year of which 37 500 are custom-made. It is predicted Barrikade could offer significant advantages.

Similarly, Barrikade external/internal insulation panels could amount to 90 000/year. The UK market growth for doors is predicted at 4-4.5% per year and for external wall insulation at 39% per year. The latter compensates for a reduced market for internal wall insulation as businesses move to open plan structures.

A fire-door showing the incorporation of Barrikade � in its construction
A fire-door showing the incorporation of Barrikade® in its construction

TWI is working with a fabricator to produce an advanced composite fire door that will exceed current standards in design and performance.

This new design will be able not only to be extremely fire resistant but also have added advantages of being lightweight and using a variety of finishes and textures. This novel system will incorporate new materials and approaches and is expected to appeal to architects wishing to enhance their creative thoughts, particularly in commercial building where low maintenance is important.

There are various ways of demonstrating compliance with the requirements but the most significant method is by undertaking a recognised fire test. For fire-resisting door sets for example, the British Standard BS 476 Part 22 and the new European Standard EN 1634-1: 2000 specify the test regime. Barrikade is a low density, fire resistant inorganic material with the potential for various applications in the construction industry where either cost reduction or new environmental legislation requires new products. The fire door system design is entirely original and has received a SMART award to progress this system to full-scale production and then onto the market.
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