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Opportunity for the medical sector

Connect, no. 118, May/June 2002, p.7

Effective bonding and sealing of dissimilar materials and low surface energy substrates for assembly of multi-component systems in disposable and implantable medical devices are major challenges facing manufacturers.

The new generation of polymeric adhesives and encapsulants offers exceptional opportunities for rapid and precise bonding and hermetic sealing for components which have to survive sterilisation processes and services environments.

TWI and Queen Mary College (IRC in Biomedical Materials) are proposing a project to exploit these opportunities by adaptation of adhesives and encapsulants and development of novel processing techniques for generic and specific medical device products. The proposed work will provide major cost savings in device assembly and manufacturing by reduced product development times and faster production rates.

This project will be launched on 9 May at TWI, Cambridge. For more information, please contact us.

Fig.1. Balloon catheter
Fig.1. Balloon catheter
Fig.2. Pacemaker
Fig.2. Pacemaker

For more information please email: