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New version of CRACKWISE software

Connect, no. 117, March/April 2002, p.7

Examples of flaw geometries available in Crackwise 3
Examples of flaw geometries available in Crackwise 3

Since the early 1990s, TWI has developed and sold software packages (CRACKWISE 1, FATIGUEWISE and CRACKWISE 2) automating the procedures of PD6493. Now, with the release of BS7910, a new package named CRACKWISE 3 is available.

The Windows-based interface is much more than an upgrade. It integrates the fracture, fatigue and plastic collapse procedures of BS 7910, and includes a range of new geometries, especially for flaws in curved shells (see figure). The software is designed to be easy and intuitive for the first-time user, providing a guide through the essential inputs and context-sensitive links to the relevant clauses of BS7910.

Although designed to adhere closely to BS 7910 procedures, CRACKWISE 3 also incorporates many facilities for the advanced user. These include a range of user-defined parameters such as stress intensity, reference stress and co-ordinates for the Failure Analysis Diagram (FAD). The software also provides a screen of intermediate results and access to partial safety factors (user-defined or as recommended by BS 7910).

The effects of misalignment can be automatically included in calculations, and a useful toolkit, operating outside the main program, allows the user to estimate fracture toughness from Charpy energy, or tensile properties from hardness.

The software is fully supported by TWI. Its use in TWI's consultancy and research activities also ensures regular user feedback to the development team.

Crackwise 3 is available at a price of £4995 to Industrial Members of TWI (non-member price is available on application). A demonstration disk is available, which can be switched to full operation mode on payment of the relevant fee. For further information, please contact Andy Brightmore.

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