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Institute of Rail Welding - on track for higher standards

Connect, no. 117, March/April 2002, p.6

TWI has finalised a contract with Railtrack for the establishment of new competence and quality assurance systems for personnel and companies involved in rail welding, and for setting up a new 'Institute of Rail Welding'.

The new systems will cover competence of key personnel such as welders and welding inspectors, and quality assurance criteria for welder training organisations and welding contractors. They will make use of the well-established principles currently employed by TWI Certification Ltd, for example in the CSWIP scheme.

The Institute of Rail Welding will be used as a means of bringing the various factions of the rail welding community together and to engender a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement. It will be an open society with an array of valuable, dedicated, services and benefits; for example, a newsletter, a website and a programme of technical events.

Further information may be obtained from Tim Jessop,

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