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Reliability tools for asset managers

Connect, no. 116, January/February 2002, p.6

Reliability tools for asset managers

Over the last few years, TWI has been strengthening its ability to offer expert services and software for asset management using reliability and risk assessment. For example, UK Health and Safety regulations allow the use of risk assessment to plan the scope and frequency of examination of pressure systems and other equipment. To help this process, HSE has placed on its website a report commissioned from TWI to help asset managers evaluate if their systems of risk based inspection conform to best practice.

The report is a PDF file of 168pp. 3005.8kB

Industrial Members can now manage the integrity of their plant using TWI software to assess the risk of failure. The RISKWISE TM suite is applicable to power and process plant equipment. By analysing a database of plant information, RISKWISE TM helps determine the threat from deterioration and the consequences of failure. Over the past year, engineers have been applying it in the field in Europe and the Middle East and TWI now offers an RBI training course. TWI is also studying the relationship between risk based life management practices and fitness for service (FFS) assessment in a Group Sponsored Project. Allied to this, TWI offers a holistic approach to asset management using a business process model.

Through core research, TWI has developed a series of tools to support these new approaches. These include a new way to determine the probability of fatigue failure, data on the likelihood of hydrogen cracking and other welding defects, the statistically based inspection strategies. These will be featured soon in the TWI Bulletin. From refineries to microelectronics, TWI has the technologies and people for reliability.

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