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Innovation award for TV company

Connect, no. 114, September/October 2001, p.6

The Year 2000 Make It With Lasers TM award for innovation was presented to ITV for the use of laser technology in their Year of Promise campaign.

The variety of Promises ranged from standard, simple wall plaques, manufactured from brush finish stainless steel, to bumble bees and flowers, laser cut from stainless steel, laser marked and eventually colour finished through heat treatment by a group of artists.

In aluminium, designs were created using a base shape, again profiled by laser, anodised and laser marked. This base shape allowed other images and shapes to be generated.

While ITV is not a manufacturer, it has embraced laser technology, understood many of its advantages, and widely promoted its capability, not only to its public through the campaign, but to other suppliers, designers, artists and manufacturers. Many public sites throughout the UK will proudly show their promises to visitors over the coming years. Many will be processed using lasers, selected on the basis that it provides the greatest flexibility, the lowest cost solution and allowed designers to be more creative within the constraints of a commercial policy.

The Make It With Laser TM Innovation Award for 2001 will be decided in the Autumn. The closing date for nominations is 28 September 2001. If you would like further details or a nomination form, contact David Taylor at TWI. E-mail:

Fish plaque profiled, anodised and marked by laser
Fish plaque profiled, anodised and marked by laser

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