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Fume exposure data wanted!

Connect, no. 114, September/October 2001, p.3

Adverse health effects arising from exposure to welding fume have been the subject of many studies but it has been difficult to establish causative links between exposure and ill health because there are so few reliable exposure data available. Access to more data would also help to establish safe levels of exposure and assess the impact on industry of compliance with new exposure limits.

TWI has just launched a Group Sponsored Project to obtain the data required. The project has been structured into three phases to ensure a cost-effective approach.

Progress to the next phase is dependent upon the outcome of the preceding phase. The objectives of the phases are:

  • to gather data on exposure to welding fume by surveying literature, talking to TWI member companies and other appropriate information sources
  • to review the data collected critically and to collate and categorise the resulting information
  • to generate welding fume exposure data through measurement on-site or in simulations, if the data are not available from other sources.
  • Current project sponsors are:
  • Eurofer
  • Health & Safety Executive
  • International Manganese Institute
  • International Iron and Steel Institute
  • International Chromium Development Association
  • Nickel Development Institute

For more information, please contact us.

For more information please email: