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New equipment enhances customer service

Connect, no. 115, November/December 2001, p.3


TWI has recently been provided with an FTA 200 Dynamic Contact Angle System from Camtel Ltd, who manufacture and sell surface science instrumentation from their base in Royston Hertfordshire, UK.

This equipment will be used to measure important materials properties such as contact angle, surface tension, surface energy and absorption for adhesives, solders and inks etc. The FTA 200 is a flexible video system consisting of a measurement platform and a frame grabber (video capture) card running in a personal computer. The standard FTA 200 hardware includes:

  • High resolution camera and zoom microscope
  • PCI frame grabber card (computer optional)
  • Computer controlled syringe pump
  • Adjustable specimen stage
  • Computer controlled lighting
  • Fibre optic drop detector

The system software can measure or calculate many quantities of interest including:

  • Static or equilibrium contact angle
  • Capillary contact angle
  • Advancing contact angle
  • Receding contact angle
  • Pendant drop surface tension
  • Pendant drop interfacial tension
  • Sessile drop spreading
  • Sessile drop adsorption
  • Surface energy from contact angles
  • Work of adhesive/adhesion tension
  • Critical micelle concentration
  • Zisman critical wetting tension

Many of the above parameters are available as dynamic measurements. Accessories like an environmental chamber allow the user to control the dispensing temperature.

If you are interested in knowing more about the equipment or would like to use it for your projects, please contact Kevin Peters at Camtel. E-mail:

For more information please email: