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Light metals usage in the automotive sector

Connect, no. 112, May/June 2001, p.1

The body shell of a Lola sports car
The body shell of a Lola sports car

Automotive consultants Knibb Gormezano & Partners have concluded that the time is right to examine in detail how this very exciting sector of the industry will evolve over the coming years. Trends in the Use of Aluminium and Magnesium in European Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles and their Implications for Raw Materials, Components, Systems and Vehicle Producers will be carried out in conjunction with J D Power-LMC Automotive Forecasting Services, whose forecasts of production by model and by engine will provide a basis for the quantitative assessments in the study.

This study, along with the research being carried out by TWI into recycling of automotive materials, repair of aluminium vehicles and weld quality and service performance of welds for automotive applications will provide a substantial knowledge base for the industry in this specialised area.

An Automotive Panel meeting in April 2001 entitled Use and Re-use: Europe's Automotive Ecology addressed some of these topics in relation to European legislation on recycling.

Brian Knibb of KGP was one of the speakers at the panel meeting, which was followed by a workshop to review the integration of new materials and materials combinations and the adoption of adhesives for structural applications.

The minutes of the Automotive panel are available to Member Companies. If you would like to receive them, or for more information on the panel, please contact us. More details on KGP activities can be obtained by contacting

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