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Continuing Professional Development News - May/June 2001

Connect, no. 112, May/June 2001, p.6

CPD now officially becomes Professional Development (PD)!

Professional Engineering Institutions (including The Welding Institute) are promoting the term Professional Development as a continuum of learning, rather than referring to Initial Professional Development (IPD) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as unconnected stages/processes. This is to emphasise the continuity of IPD and CPD as part of lifelong learning highlighting the four common processes in the learning cycle

  • Appraisal/auditing
  • Planning
  • Development activities
  • Recording review
The focus in Professional Development should be on the outputs of learning, rather than the inputs and activities.

The need for engineers and technicians to update knowledge, skills and competence throughout their career is not new. Creating and sharing expertise is a hallmark of professionals and has always been a central function of professional bodies such as The Welding Institute.

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