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Online support progresses

Connect, no. 113, July/August 2001, p.6

The technical content of TWI's new integrated website at continues to grow, meaning improved online support to all registered users.

Among items added recently to the technical knowledge pages are:

  • Answers to questions on the Pressure Equipment Directive and on corrosion damage to pressure vessels;
  • An article on lightweight self-piercing riveting equipment;
  • Answers to questions on X and gamma radiography;
  • A knowledge summary on use of excimer lasers in materials processing.

All the present content continues to be accessible free to TWI Industrial Members as part of the benefits package. This includes an area exclusive to Members, who are urged to ensure that all relevant staff are registered as website users.

Feedback and comment from users indicate that the new site design has been welcomed, and the convenience of online registration has helped boost the number of new registrants to over a thousand in the first month of operation.

Further questions on the site should be directed to Richard Smith. E-mail:

For more information please email: