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News in brief - July/August 2001

Connect, no. 113, July/August 2001, p.8

Duxford conference

TWI will be exhibiting at the International Helicopter Technology & Operations Exhibition & Conference at Duxford, Cambridge on 25-28 September 2001. TWI staff will be available at Booth 1215 to discuss your joining requirements, and a tour of TWI is planned during the Show. Contact Richard Freeman for more details. E-mail:

Advanced repair of hot section gas turbine components

A new Group Sponsored Project at TWI is investigating the weld repair of nickel superalloy gas turbine blades and nozzle guide vanes. The main emphasis is on repair by Nd:YAG laser and mechanised TIG welding and focuses on:

  • Production of high strength repairs in IN738LC and (single crystal) CMSX4 materials
  • Validation of repairs by low cycle fatigue and creep testing
  • Automation of turbine blade repair procedures

Partners are invited to supply used turbine blades for repair feasibility studies, where the focus will be on those regions commonly damaged in service, eg blade tips, shroud seals, shroud edges, shroud/airfoil intersections and airfoil leading edges.

For further information contact Geoff Melton. E-mail:

Showing the weld in Germany

Services to industry and state-of-the-art technology are on show on TWI's stand at the Schweissen & Schneiden 2001 show in Essen during 12 to 18 September 2001. Visitors to Stand No. 39 in Hall 5 will be able to see demonstrations of friction stir welding, the solid phase process invented by TWI and now of increasing importance in industries such as aerospace, automotive, rail transport and shipbuilding.

TWI staff will be on hand to guide visitors through the wide range of services, technologies and expertise available to Industrial Member companies.

Validation of Keronite - a novel coating for light metal alloys

TWI is launching a new Group Sponsored Project evaluating the application of a novel surface treatment, Keronite, on light metal alloys such as Al, Mg and Ti. This process transforms the metal surface to a hard, dense and adherent metal oxide ceramic layer by electrolytic oxidation in an environmentally friendly solution that requires no significant treatment prior to disposal. Keronite can be applied to surfaces of complex geometry and restricted access.

This project will demonstrate the application of Keronite coatings to light metal alloy components representative of the aerospace and automotive sectors. It will also validate Keronite's surface performance, in terms of wear, corrosion and coefficient of friction, by comparison with industrially established coatings such as hard anodising, hard chrome plating and thermal spraying.

For further information contact David Harvey. E-mail:

Catastrophes and how to avoid them

A one-day event of vital importance to all involved in the welding industry is to be held in London next November.

The seminar is called Welding calamities - causes and avoidance and is to be held at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers on Tuesday 20 November 2001. It is co-sponsored by IMechE, ICE, IStructE, IoM, EMTA, ECITB.

The Chairman and Keynote Speaker will be Sir Bernard Crossland. He has extensive experience in the field of welding and its problems and has been a prominent member of several disaster enquiry teams where weld failures have been involved. Other prominent speakers will cover education, new standards, risk analysis, best practice and quality assurance. The seminar will also include a panel discussion.

Further information may be obtained from the Meetings Section at TWI. E-mail:

For more information please email: