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News in brief - January/February 2001

Connect, no. 110, January/February 2001, p.6

WJS 5th National Conference 16 and 17 May 2001

New advances in welding processes - the state of the arc!

By attending this event you will get the latest expert advice on improving productivity in arc and non-arc welding, exploiting the latest technology. Topics will include:

  • Developments in
    arc welding processes packaging, storage and handling of consumables
    TIG welding
    shielding gases
    friction and friction stir welding
  • Optimising process applications in gas and self-shielded arc welding
  • Automation
  • Non-arc welding in the automotive industry
  • Power beam technology
  • New joining processes

There will also be arc and non-arc process demonstrations, a software area and an exhibition of equipment and services relevant to the conference theme.

Beware of fraud

Certificates of competence, such as those issued by CSWIP, are important documents and 'misuse' of such certificates is a serious matter. Tampering with a certificate so as to mislead a third party constitutes 'misuse' and can lead to a criminal prosecution.

Tampering with certificates also contravenes TWI's Code of Professional Conduct and can result in disciplinary proceedings against the individual concerned.

Furthermore, cases of misuse are published so employers of certified personnel are aware of such instances. Employers having any doubt about the validity of a TWI or CSWIP certificate should seek verification from: TWI Certification Ltd, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridge CB1 6AL
Phone: +44 (0)1223 899000
Fax: +44 (0)1223 894219

Professional Membership made easier

Good news for engineers and technicians seeking professional qualification! The Professional Division of The Welding Institute (TWI) has announced a widening of the scope of eligible academic achievements for Member, Incorporated Member and Technician Member status.

This will attract those with qualifications not recognised by the UK Engineering Council as many will now be able to achieve the status and recognition of Professional Membership previously denied them. Anyone in a welding and joining related job can contact TWI for an assessment. In particular, Welding Inspectors with CSWIP qualifications will now find TechWeldI available to them.

SAE 2001 World Congress

TWI will be exhibiting at the above event in the Cobo Centre Detroit on the Hawtal Whiting stand, as part of the ongoing partnership between the two companies. Please join us at Booth 1861 between 5th-8th March 2001.

For more information please email: