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Multimedia training - cost effective and flexible

Connect, no. 108, September/October 2000, p.8


TWI and Lloyd's Register have joined forces to produce a multimedia training programme called Basic Metallurgy and Welding. It's a highly efficient and cost effective method of learning, reducing the time needed to study the subject and, unlike conventional training, a complete refresher course is available at the touch of a button.

The programme covers three main areas:

  • introduction to metallurgy
  • welding processes
  • welding carbon manganese steels

The information is structured so students can work at their own pace and focus only on areas relevant to their own job. Built-in feedback helps reinforce the message and test their understanding of the topics covered. The programme uses video clips, animation, audio, photographs, graphics and text, each carefully chosen as the best way of illustrating a particular point.

The Basic Metallurgy and Welding CD is available from TWI for £499 + VAT. For further information contact

For more information please email: