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Defensive role for Barrikade

Connect, no. 108, September/October 2000, p.2


It is becoming apparent that there may be many applications for Barrikade in the military market. With the end of the cold war, traditional equipment is being scrutinized for its ability to react to small conflicts around the word. In particular military vehicles and equipment are now being designed for rapid deployment and survivability The threat comes from such a wide variety of weapons that defence is difficult. Use of counter electronic warfare measures helps significantly but other cost-effective materials are being sourced. These methods are tagged with the term Stealth.

There are many forms of Stealth but one of the simplest is to reduce the infrared signature of a piece of military equipment to make it more difficult to locate and target.

Shielding or cloaking this radiant heat is therefore critical as many signatures can verify the type of weapon being used and therefore easily distinguish if it is friend or foe.

If used as a shielding material, Barrikade's unique make up can significantly reduce the threat because the heat signature is transmitted over a large area and then migrates through the thickness. In comparison with other materials, Barrikade offers some interesting advantages together with the ability to be easily molded and machined. Fire resistant with no traceable toxic fumes and the ability to withstand temperatures of 1000◦C it may provide the cost-effective product that today's army and other forces are seeking.

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