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New manufacturing role for Barrikade

Connect, no. 109, November/December 2000, p.7

Barrikade is used in the manufacture of Eurotube's wave soldering machine
Barrikade is used in the manufacture of Eurotube's wave soldering machine

A recent new application for Barrikade is in the manufacture of wave solder machines produced by Eurotube Ltd.

Eurotube Ltd has a license to use Barrikade, to encapsulate the solder bath and insulate it from the robust stainless steel case. The solder bath can work at temperatures of up to 550◦C.

Barrikade has been chosen over traditional materials because it can be easily molded and machined. This means it can be tailored to various shapes and sizes. This reduces the amount of post-working (cutting, shaping), improves the quality of the product and speeds up manufacture. In addition, it offers good insulation and fire resistant properties. The flexibility of the design also allows maintenance to be carried out, such as removal of the heater elements, and any modification required for up grades etc.

Barrikade has also been found to be more robust than traditional materials allowing for some degree of rough handling without any detrimental effect to the equipment.

At the end of the life of the wave soldering machine, the Barrikade can be disposed of, or re-cycled. There are no fibres or toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of Barrikade.

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