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Joint effort on tank integrity training

Connect, no. 109, November/December 2000, p.8


Following a series of catastrophic storage tank failures worldwide in recent years, the need for stringent tank integrity assessments has become crucially important if industry is to ensure safe and reliable in-service performance of above ground vertical cylindrical steel storage tanks.

TWI and the Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA) has set up a training and assessment programme for personnel engaged in inspection of these structures.

TWI's partner EEMUA, is an organisation of substantial purchasers and users of engineering products, whose members include leading national and multi-national companies in the petroleum, gas, chemical and energy industries.

The training programme is presented by consultant engineers and embraces a broad range of topics essential to ensuring the structural integrity of storage tanks. These specialists and the TWI engineers involved have international recognition in the field of storage tank design and construction.

The programme also includes an end-of-course assessment for a joint TWI-EEMUA certificate of competence; positive proof of a person's competence at integrity assessment of storage tanks.

More information may be obtained from Mark Cozens at TWI.

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