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News in brief - May/June 2000

Connect, no. 106, May/June 2000, p.6

Friction stir welding - advanced tool technology

The Group Sponsored Project Friction stir welding of transport structures has turned its attention to developing advanced tools to increase welding speed whilst maintaining high weld quality when welding aluminium alloys. During Phase I prototype tools were demonstrated which were easily able to weld in a single pass a 15mm thick 7xxx series alloy at 90mm/min and a 6xxx series alloy at 225mm/min - the latter is the normal speed for welding 6mm thick 6xxx plate. As a result, the project sponsors have asked that Phase II devotes all its attention to developing these advanced tools with the aim of further improvements in productivity.

Joint industry project to aid upstream oil and gas sector

In collaboration, TWI, IFE and CAPCIS have launched a joint initiative to study the risks of preferential corrosion of weldments in ferritic steels handling CO 2 -containing production environments. Areas to be covered are the role of environment conductivity and the potential influence of material composition and microstructure on scaling tendency. The interrelationship between environment and material characteristics and inhibitor behaviour will also be defined.

New project on friction stir welding of steel

A meeting was held on 20 March 2000 to begin a new project on the friction stir welding of steel. The response to the proposal has been very promising with nine member companies attending the meeting and others receiving the minutes. The next sponsors meeting will be held on 19 September 2000.

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